Vandit Jain

#18 Understanding the Dragon with Avinash Godbole

*Correction in the opening message: It is 15th June and not 18th June.

Dr. Avinash Godbole is an Assitant Professor of International Relations and China Studies at JSLH, JGU. He focuses on China’s Foreign Policy and Asia Strategy, the Party…

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#17 Economic Nationalism with Pranay Kotasthane

Pranay Kotasthane heads research at the Takshashila Institution. Pranay started his career as a policy analyst focusing on geopolitics at the Takshashila Institution in March 2014. His research interests focus on geostrategy, geopolitics of the Indian…

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#16 Grass Root Politics with Yasmin Kidwai

An entrepreneur and an award-winning filmmaker, Yasmin Kidwai is an elected Municipal Councillor from Daryaganj (ward 55S) in the 2017 MCD elections.

1.Journey of Yasmin
2. Do documentaries make money?
3. No problem! 6 months with barefoot…

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#15 Becoming a Data Republic with Internet Freedom Foundation

The IFF is an Indian digital liberties organisation that seeks to ensure that technology respects fundamental rights. IFF’s goal is to ensure that Indian citizens can use the Internet with liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

Become an IFF…

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#14 Surveillance Capitalism with Srinivas Kodali

Srinivas Kodali is an interdisciplinary researcher working on data, cities and the internet. He graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Madras with a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. He has been associated with various internet…

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#13 India’s Foreign Policy with Omair Ahmad [English]

Omair Ahmad is an author. His last novel, Jimmy the Terrorist, was shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize and won the Crossword Award. His last book was a political history of Bhutan and the eastern Himalayan region. He is concurrently the…

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#12 Ram-Kahani with Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian mythologist, speaker, illustrator and author, known for his prolific writing on sacred lore, legends, folklore, fables and parables, and for challenging willful misinterpretations of ancient Indian scriptures, stories,…

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#11 [State Special] The Story of Assam with Aman Wadud

Aman Wadud is a human rights lawyer, who provides support to people who are at risk of being stripped of their citizenship rights in the northeastern state of Assam. As a result of his work as a lawyer and criticism of the authorities for not…

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#10 The Untold Tale of Human Rights with Harsh Mander

Harsh Mander is an Indian author, columnist, researcher, teacher, and social activist who works with survivors of mass violence and hunger, as well as homeless persons and street children. He is the Director of the Centre for Equity Studies, a…

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#9 [Mid-week Special] False Negative with Dr Manoj Malu

Dr.Malu started his training in GUM & HIV Medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital, London in 1998. Since then, he has achieved higher training in Bristol, Plymouth & Birmingham studying under prominent Sexual Health Consultants. Dr. Manoj Malu is an NHS…

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