#51 The Timeless Sanitary Panels (Rachita Taneja)

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Guest profile

Rachita Taneja is a comic artist. She is the founder of webcomic Sanitary Panels. Her Instagram page has comic panels in the form of political satire and humor. Rachita was an instrumental player in the ‘Save the Internet’ and ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ campaign, and she is also the trustee of ‘Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF).’

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanitarypanels/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sanitarypanels


3:17 to 5:27

The story behind the name ‘Sanitary Panels’

5:27 to 7:51

What is the secret sauce of the Sanitary Panel’s success?

7:51 to 8:47

Dependency on social media

8:47 to 16:12

Journey of Rachita Taneja

16:12 to 23:17

Jaitapur documentary by Rachita

23:17 to 30:17

Pattern of trolling

30:17 to 32:17

The ability to question authority

32:17 to 35:02

The time when you formed life philosophy

35:02 to 37:57

Rachita’s parents think about her work.

37:57 to 54:17

Net neutrality movement, which Rachita was a part of

54:17 to 56:26

What did you learn about mobilization and movement post the ‘Save the Internet Campaign’?

56:26 to 1:11:26

The power of online mobilization – ‘Kodaikanal won’t’ and ‘me too.’

1:11:26 to 1:23:00

How did you discover your art form?

1:23:00 to end

Tips for budding artists

Show Notes
Save the internet campaign

TRAI draft consultation

Kodaikanal won’t campaign

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