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#35 Midnight’s Border with Suchitra Vijayan [English]

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Have you ever wondered how life is at the…

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#34 Climate Change 101 with Dr Joy Merwin Monteiro

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What is climate change? Why is our climate changing? How is it affecting us? Why should we be worried? We discuss these critical conversations with Dr Joy in the 34th episode of LCA.

3:00 to 7:10
Journey of…

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#33 Progressive Politics with Anshul Tewari

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3:28 to 8:28
Life history of Anshul
8:28 to 10:28
The business model of YKA
10:28 to 14:31
When did Anshul realized his…

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#32 Middle Class Morality with Prashant Kanojia

India’s moral compass is the Indian middle class. It defines how society should operate and behave. It believes in maintaining the old social order of caste and patriarchy. With Prashant, we explore how middle-class morality affects the health and…

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#31 Bania Echo Chamber with Nioshi Shah [English]

The community culture is deep rooted in the Bania community. While this has helped the community grow and prosper this also leads to disempowerment of women, living in echo chambers, and deep rooted casteism. We critique this culture from a feminist…

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#30 The Force of Education with Buffalo Intellectual

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Why is education important? Who needs education the most? Is the Indian education space inclusive or exclusive? Do you know what is the rationale behind reservation? Listen to this episode to…

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[Season Finale] #29 What is Brahmanical patriarchy with Cynthia Stephen

Cynthia works in policy advocacy for rights of women and children from vulnerable sections of Indian society. Cynthia works with a Gender perspective. Cynthis was State Programme Director, Mahila Samakhya Karnataka, a government project for the…

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#28 The Great Indian Economy with Salman Anees Soz

Salman Anees Soz is an economic development expert, author, and commentator. He is a former World Bank officer with experience across a range of economic development issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Sub Saharan…

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#27 University Politics with Dr Sumeet Mhaskar

LCA Website : Dr Sumeet Mhaskar : Prof. (Dr.) Sumeet Mhaskar is trained in Sociology and Political Science. He holds a doctorate in Sociology from the Department of Sociology and St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. He obtained his M.A and M.Phil. degrees in Political Science from the Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal…

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#26 The Caste of Law with Nikita and Disha

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