#53 The Tale of the Indian Constitution with Anurag Bhaskar

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#49 The Legend of Amit Varma

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Guest Profile:
Amit Varma is a writer and podcaster based in Mumbai. He started his career in advertising, moved on to television, and…

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#48 India’s Mental Health with Abhilasha Bharti

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Abhilasha Bharti is a…

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#45 Society, Nation, and Enlightenment with Rahee Punyashloka

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Rahee Punyashloka comes from Orissa, and he is an artist and filmmaker. He is…

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#41 In quest of Begumpura with Shweta Goswami

Shweta Goswami is the founder of the Nirmal initiative, a Vrindavan-based social organization that is fighting the issues of child sexual abuse, gender, and caste-based violence. She is also a PhD candidate at Jawaharlal Nehru University. In this…

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#40 The long road to Justice with Dr Meena Kandasamy

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In this episode of LCA we discuss the life of Dr Meena, many heart breaking incidents of caste atrocities, role of social media, being bought up in an anti-caste household, and lastly the Bhima Koregaon…

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