#53 The Tale of the Indian Constitution with Anurag Bhaskar

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Anurag’s Bio
Anurag Bhaskar is an Assistant Professor of Law at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat. He is also an Affiliate Faculty at the Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession, and a Visiting Faculty at the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, New Delhi. Anurag is also a recipient of the Bluestone Rising Scholar Award 2021 by Brandeis University, the USA, and the Indian Equality Law Fellowship at the University of Oxford.

Anurag holds an LLM (2018-19) from Harvard Law School, and B.A. LL.B. (2012-17) degree from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University (Lucknow, India). Before pursuing his LLM, Anurag clerked for a year (July 2017-18) with Dr. Justice DY Chandrachud (Judge, Supreme Court of India), where he worked on a number of landmark constitutional law cases. Anurag has several publications to his credit in India’s leading academic journals and edited books. His columns on different themes are regularly published in The Print, Live Law, The Wire, Hindustan Times, etc. He has delivered talks and lectures on various platforms.

Anurag is also one of the founders of CEDE (Community for Elimination of Discrimination in Education and Employment) – an organization working towards reforming the Indian legal profession and judiciary.

Time Stamps
3:30 to 12:30
Anurag’s life story
12:30 to 20:50
The Harvard experiences
20:50 to 25:05
What do foreign universities look for?
25:05 to 27:48
Anurag’s love towards the constitution
27:48 to 36:00
Why is a constitution necessary for a nation?
36:00 to 37:45
Countries that tried to play with the constitution
37:45 to 41:18
Importance of a Nation’s founding moment
41:18 to 46:04
Constitutional legitimacy
46:04 to 49:43
Vision of the Indian constitution
49:43 to 54:45
How did the Indian constitution survive?
54:45 to 59:35
Hindu Right’s idea of the constitution
59:35 to 1:04:45
Constituent assembly debates
1:04:45 to 1:06:00
Selection of Baba Saheb as the Chairman of the drafting committee
1:06:00 to 1:17:06
Ambedkar’s version of the constitution
1:17:06 to 1:24:30
Did Ambedkar really want to burn the constitution?
1:24:30 to 1:31:15
The biggest debate in the constituent assembly?
1:31:15 to 1:35:14
Importance of Constitution for marginalized caste groups?
1:35:14 to 1:39:40
Rights vs Duties
1:39:40 to 1:44:34
Changes in the constitution Anurag seeks
1:44:34 to 1:51:30
The role of the President
1:51:30 to 1:55:15
‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’
1:55:15 to end
Delta Meghwal case and CEDE

Show Notes
Ambedkar’s Constitution: A Radical Phenomenon in Anti-Caste Discourse?

Ambedkar, Gandhi, and Patel: The Making of India’s Electoral System

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