#64 India Canada Relations with Dr Avinash Paliwal

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Avinash is a Reader in International Relations. Previously, he was the deputy director of the SOAS South Asia Institute, taught Defence Studies at King’s College London, and was the Defence Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at King’s.

2:45 What has been the biggest point the general public missed around the Canada crisis?
8:25 How to deal with New India?
27:45 Why Khalistan issue has not got enough steam in the Western Sphere?
36:25 Is this issue big enough?
41:45 What is the end point of this crisis?
45:45 Is the Khalistani movement a response to Hindutva?
47:35 Assuming India did it, why was this not a clean operation?
55:15 Is R&AW on high alert?

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