Vandit Jain

#3 From Amritsar to Kabul

  On August 15, 2021, Kabul fell by the capture of the Taliban via a military offensive and hence begins the draft of unpleasant Afghan history.  The world of media – social, print, and television went on fire, and it didn’t seem to stop. When I write this on September 5, 2021, many media houses…

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#2 Clubhouse University

Vandit Jain My dear friends at Clubhouse, please don’t see this as a remark on any individual or a group. Instead, this article is just a commentary on a broader CH experience. In this edition, I draw a parallel between University and Clubhouse while commenting on various sub-cultures of the platform. I joined Clubhouse (…

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#1 Indore: The more it changes, the more it remains the same.

Two weeks ago, I concluded my ten-day stay in my hometown Indore. I left the city in May-15 in search of freedom and better job opportunities and migrated to Delhi-NCR. I grew up in the foody city, earned my degree there, got my first job, had relationships, and so much more. A majority of my…

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#44 Climate activism, education, and justice with Disha Ravi [ENG]

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Disha Ravi, is an…

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#43 Bharathanatyam – Erased histories and reclaimining spaces with Nrithya Pillai [ENG]

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Nrithy Pillai is a dancer, dance composer, singer, writer, speaker, and dance instructor who proudly claims her…

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#42 The spark for a movement with Snehashish Das

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Snehashish Das in an Ambedkarite, PhD scholar at JNU,…

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#39 The Oppositional Bahujan Gaze [English]

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Jyoti Nisha is an independent writer and filmmaker based in Mumbai. She is an experienced…

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#38 Indian Renaissance with Siddhesh Gautam

Siddhesh is one of the finest artists in the country. He uses his art to raise a voice on important issues. He is a thinker, philosopher, artist, and so much more. With Siddhesh we talk about the future of the Indian art movement. Can India ever truly…

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My dear Savarnas, read Dr Ambedkar!

India’s most underappreciated gem. A political thinker, social reformer, economist, lawyer, constitutionalist, modernist, progressive, feminist, Leader of the masses, and a simple human being.  If you haven’t read Babasaheb, you are yet to discover India. Today is the 130th birth anniversary of Babasaheb. He was born on 14th April 1891 in Mhow (near Indore). The…

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#37 The Amusing world of Anurag Minus Verma

Anurag Minus Verma is one of the rising names of social media. He is a content creator, a multimedia artist, and a satirist. He creates unique characters, does hilarious voiceovers, and mimics the power centers of our society. Through his mimicry,…

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