#52 Gandhi, Ambedkar, and UP elections with Arvind Kumar | गांधी, अम्बेडकर और यूपी चुनाव

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Guest Profile
Arvind Kumar is a PhD candidate with specific interest in electoral democracy and voting behaviour. His thesis- Caste, Inequality and Voting Behaviour in India explores the role caste and inequality in the rise of right-wing BJP in Indian democracy. His broader research interests include Caste/Ethnic Inequality, Political Behaviour, Party Politics, Political Economy, Political Theory, Judicial Politics and South Asian Politics.
Prior to joining PhD, Arvind Kumar obtained BA(H) in Arabic, MA in Political Science and MPhil in Political Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, and also taught as a Guest Lecturer of Political Science (2016-18) at the Department of Political Science, Satyawati College (M), University of Delhi, New Delhi, India.
(Taken from the website of Royal Holloway)
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Twitter – https://twitter.com/arvind_kumar__
4:00 to 19:33
Arvind’s life journey
19:33 to 25:41
Early life and challenges
25:41 to 27:54
The philosopher who influenced Arvind’s thinking the most
27:54 to 40:00
Gandhi vs. Ambedkar
40:00 to 42:30
Gandhi’s varied position on caste
42:30 to 1:07:06
Poona pact and separate electorate
1:07:06 to 1:23:30
The debate of reservation
1:23:30 to 1:26:30
Arvind’s research on voting behavior
1:26:30 to 1:37:50
The story of UP elections
1:37:50 to 1:39:36
Samajwadi party’s winning strategy
1:39:36 to 1:41:50
The swing of Non-Yadav OBC
1:41:50 to 1:50:45
The tilt of and mood of UP
1:50:45 to 1:54:20
Is BJP a default Dalit party?
1:54:20 to 1:59:00
Is BJP a Brahminical party?
1:59:00 to 2:04:17
The image of the Samajwadi Party and main issues of UP elections
2:04:17 to 2:17:10
How important is Development in elections
2:17:10 to 2:22:00
Hathras and its impact on elections
2:22:00 to 2:30:42
Impact of COVID on the elections
2:30:42 to 2:32:!5
MLAs against Yogi Adityanath
2:32:15 to 2:33:10
Bhim Army and its chances
2:33:10 to end
The issue with BSP and the verdict on UP

Show Notes

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