#44 Climate activism, education, and justice with Disha Ravi [ENG]

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Disha Ravi, is an Indian youth climate change activist and a founder of Fridays for Future India. In this episode we discuss her journey of becoming a climate activist, issues that she is trying to raise lately, and the debate around environmentalism in India and in the world.
3:10 to 5:40
Welcoming Disha
5:40 to 9:56
Disha’s journey
9:56 to 14:00
Transition from rural to urban
14:00 to 16:00
How has your relationship with technology evolved/changed lately?
16:00 to 22:40
How did Disha dealt with the national attention?
22:40 to 35:40
Issues that Disha is trying to raise these days?
35:40 to 37:45
The impact the UN can creates
37:45 to 41:05
How is the climate conversation different in India as compared globally?
41:05 to 49:55
How Disha envisions the climate studies?
49:55 to 52:55
How can we make climate conversation more accessible?
52:55 to 1:00:30
Is environmentalism a serious debate in global governments?
1:00:30 to end
Can there ever be a balance between economic growth and sustainability?

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