#36 Education, Environment, and Markets with Yuvan Aves

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How diverse is India’s education system? Is it really challenging a child to learn and understand diverse cultures and viewpoints? What are gaps in our education? How are market forces disrupting the locals and the indigenous communities? Where is the climate movement headed? We try to answer these tough questions together with Yuvan.
3:30 to 6:30
Yuvan’s life history
6:30 to 9:10
How did Yuvan become a Naturalist?
9:10 to 12:30
Understanding Krishnamurthy school
12:30 to 18:25
What changes does Yuvan seek in the Indian education system?
18:25 to 23:55
Support to local education
23:55 to 30:15
How do you look at textbook culture?
30:15 to 35:30
How do you look at central boards?
35:30 to 43:00
Pulicat Lagoon
43:00 to 48:55
How to balance economy and culture?
48:55 to 51:40
What should be our model of development?
51:40 to 56:30
How do you look at free-market economics?
56:30 to 59:00
Will India ever goodbye to Capitalism?
59:00 to the end
How do you look at the climate movement?
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