#34 Climate Change 101 with Dr Joy Merwin Monteiro

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What is climate change? Why is our climate changing? How is it affecting us? Why should we be worried? We discuss these critical conversations with Dr Joy in the 34th episode of LCA.

3:00 to 7:10
Journey of Dr Joy

7:10 to 12:40
How is climate and weather different?

12:40 to 18:28
What is climate and why is it changing?

18:28 to 21:26
Why are greenhouses important?

21:26 to 25:23
Why are we concerned now?

25:23 to 29:07
What kind of species are we?

29:07 to 32:27
What are the key contributors of CO2?

32:27 to 35:30
Why is cement manufacturing a key contributor of CO2?

35:30 to 43:28
How is this climate affecting our day-to-day weather and impacting our life?

43:28 to 47:47
The evidence we have collected.

47:47 to 51:50
Disconnect between civilians and the scientific community.

51:50 to 58:50
The history of the climate movement

Charney report
58:50 to 1:03:00

USA pulling out of the Paris accord
1:03:00 to 1:08:00

How we dealt with changes in climate in the past?
1:08:00 to 1:10:03

Have we lost indigenous practices?
1:10:03 to 1:15:45

How the world is dealing with climate change?
1:15:45 to 1:20:45

The dilemma of developing countries?
1:20:45 to end
What can I do to reduce my carbon footprints?

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