#31 Bania Echo Chamber with Nioshi Shah [English]

The community culture is deep rooted in the Bania community. While this has helped the community grow and prosper this also leads to disempowerment of women, living in echo chambers, and deep rooted casteism. We critique this culture from a feminist lens and an anti-caste perspective, we try to unpack the Bania culture and what it comprises of.

4:00 to 6:11
Nioshi’s journey and introduction to her work
6:11 to 17:20
The caste, culture, of Bania Families. The childhood phase of a Bania girl.
17:20 to 30:49:00
Indoctrination of Bania women, phase 2 for a Bania women. Marriage and the adult life
30:49:00 to 35:28:00
What was Nioshi’s unlearning experience like?
35:28:00 to 39:10:00
How can Bania women unlearn and get out that bubble?
39:10:00 to 43:00:00
How Bania women is a reflection of a Bania men
43:00:00 to 46:38:00
How Bania men denies agency to Bania women?
46:38:00 to 49:34:00
Signaling of a Bania women that she is successful.
49:34:00 to 54:03:00
Increasing labor force participation in Bania women, feminine entrepreneurship, and life after job
54:03:00 to 57:22:00
Relationship of a Bania women to her male child
57:22:00 to 1:01:17
Domestic violence in the community
1:10:17 to 1:05:16
Relationship between Brahmin and Bania women
1:05:16 to end.
How a Bania women treats her son and daughters differently?

Book- Post-Hindu India, by Kancha Ilaiah https://g.co/kgs/wdAizL

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