#39 The Oppositional Bahujan Gaze [English]

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Jyoti Nisha is an independent writer and filmmaker based in Mumbai. She is an experienced journalist, a trained academic writer, screenwriter and filmmaker offering 10 years of work experience in print, radio and TV. Her crowd-funded film, ‘B. R. Ambedkar Now and Then,’ explores Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s life symbolically, politically, and delves into representation and assertion of Bahujan politics in today’s time. She has co-produced the film with Pa. Ranjith’s Neelam Productions.
She introduced a new theory – ‘Indian Cinema and the Bahujan Spectatorship’ in academia, elaborating on the consumption of popular cinema by the marginalized of this country.

3:45 to 18:50
Understanding Jyoti’s eventful journey
18:50 to 25:20
How did you convince your parents to get into film making?
25:20 to 33:30
What is it try to make a career in the film industry?
33:30 to 39:35
What was film school like?
39:35 to 44:45
What goes behind the scenes?
44:45 to 57:00
Understanding Bollywood’s engagement with caste issues
57:00 to 1:17:15
Story of Geeli Puchi
1:17:15 to end
B.R. Ambedkar Now and Then
Indian Cinema and the Bahujan Spectatorship by Jyoti Nisha

Media Rumble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1jhyhg1bow

Movie : Close up by Abbas Kiarostami

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