#19 What is Development with Patralekha Chatterjee [English]

Patralekha Chatterjee is a Delhi-based award-winning journalist-columnist, author, and consultant to international agencies focusing on development issues across multiple platforms.
She has contributed to The Atlantic (Ideas), New Statesman, BBC.com, Liberation (Paris), The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Chicago Tribune, China Dialogue, The Christian Science Monitor, MSNBC.com, Citiscope, Quartz, The Economic Times, Mongabay, Gaon Connection, Business Line, The Hindu, The Asian Age and many others.

1. What is development?
2. Why don’t we hear HDI much by governments?
3. Gujarat Model
4. BJP’s model of development and congress model of development
5. Uttar Pradesh development
6. Is AAP a successful model?
7. Congress development model
8. Two-tiered India
9. Kerala model of development
10. Gujarat model of development
11. Why could the Gujarat model not live up to the expectations?
12. What is your opinion on Smart Cities?
13. Stories of clean Indore
14. Stories from Haryana
15. Does West Bengal have a successful model?
16. How Polarization affects the narrative around the development?
17. The Trust within our system is broken
18. Stigmatization of pandemic
19. Swach Bharat and Ayushman Bharat
20. Insurance model vs Universal Health Care
21. Why do we need on Universal Health Care?
22. What can we learn from Asia’s miracle economies?
23. India’s development model
24. Is Universal healthcare feasible?
25. Way forward for India.

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